As the name suggests, Cash-Out is a module that customers can use to make withdrawals. It is also a simple way to transfer money from account to account. The customer has the option of choosing to transfer the money either to their personal account or at least to go to one of our agents to withdraw their cash. With this module, they can also make bank transfers to other people. However, before making a bank transfer, you must ensure that the credit in your account is sufficient, otherwise you risk being rejected and you must have the beneficiary’s full name, the name of his bank and the bank number. account. You must also indicate the amount to be sent.

What are the execution times for a bank transfer?

For all transactions, the bank assigns the transaction date when it registers your request. If you placed your order at the end of the day or outside working hours, the transaction will be dated the following day. One thing to remember is that the execution date corresponds to the moment when the bank registers your request.