Debit Card

Paspatou Debit Card

There’s no better time to take control of your finances. With
PASPATOU’s powerful categorization and visualization tools, you’ll
stay within your budget.

Excelent or Good


The Benefits You Will Get

From transfer to Cash-In, from Cash-Out to investment or loan. It is obvious that personal and professional matters can be delicate. PASPATOU’s mission is to simplify the management of everything from one place.

High Interest Rates - Tchotcho Pam

One of the benefits is to be able to get high interest rates on money invested at Paspatou.

Easy Reload

At Paspatou, reloading your card is easy as 1, 2, 3. We are partnering with a plethora of banks.

Fast & Easy Approval - Prèt Pam

Contrary to Tchotcho Pam, Prèt Pam is a program where Paspatou customers can apply for fast & easy loans at very low rates.

Withdrawal Money Anywhere

With Paspatou debit card, money can be withdrawn anywhere in the whole world.

P2P Money Transfer

Transfer money with a click of a button. With the Paspatou App, it's fast and easy to send and receive money.

No Anual Fee

Contrary to a credit card, Paspatou debit card does not charge an annual fee simply for the convenience of having the card.

Get Ready To Have Best Smart Payments in The World

Paspatou debit card can be used anywhere: Online, restaurants, airports, at the ATM machines or at any supermarket that accept Visa, Master, Discover or American Express. 

What Our Client says

Easy to use

I’ve used almost every personal finance app on the market and found that most struggle to sync my various bank accounts and cards in real time, sometimes leaving me guessing for days. Paspatou was a pleasant surprise! The team really worked hard to ensure instant synchronization with all banks. Impressed!

– Anna Jenkins

Surprised by great results!

I rely on my budget spreadsheet because it helps me organize my spending data into meaningful charts and tables. Also, I can use this app to receive money, send money to my friends or family members. I can also use it to pay my bills. That’s why I’m very understanding about moving to such a massive personal finance app, as I’ve found the presentation of data to be generally lacking at best. Lo and behold, Paspatou was the only app that did the trick!

– Danny Lores